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2018 Fantasy Wrestling National Championship - Ultimate Fantasy Wrestling Challenge
Join the biggest and best online college wrestling pool ever and help grow and sustain wrestling nationwide at the same time!!!
The winner of the online event will be crowned the 2018 Fantasy Wrestling National Champion with recognition in sponsor sites!
Proceeds Go To
USA Wrestling

National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA)
Basic Rules
$20 per Entry
  • Select 10 wrestlers, one from each weight class.
  • Salary Cap of 1000 point maximum.
  • Cap values are based on average from several top rankings sites.
  • Standings are updated in real time as matches progress throughout the tournament.
  • Rosters can be entered soon after the official bracket announcement on March 8th.
  • UFWC Online Event Prizes
    1st Place: Championship trophy
    1st Place: $1000 Cash for the winner
    1st Place: Publicity in sponsor magazines & websites
    2nd/3rd Place: Gift bag with over $200 worth of subscriptions and gear from our sponsors.
  • Click HERE for salary cap point assignments.
  • Click HERE for a sample roster.
$20 - Click Here to Enter the Online Event
Cash Referral Program

Help us grow the contest and get paid for doing so!!!

Anyone that enters the contest and does so through your link will entitle you to a $5 referral fee, with no limit on how many referral fees you can receive.

This is a great way to have fun, challenge your friends to who knows the most about wrestling, and get paid for doing so.
*You are NOT eligible to receive the referral fee for your own entries.

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